Hello Awesome Sources...So I thought it would be poignant to elaborate on the process of my 'Everything Frida' Frida Kahlo capsule collection, which consists of a multitude of ideas and partly a painstaking process of bringing it all together.

In the beginning I thought it would pretty simple to condense and fulfill my visions of what I wanted to make. You know..... like you see on Facebook and Instagram...... All the shiny things wonderful everything super amazing, things are going...If the truth be known, it was an inspiring process to go through inclusive of massive lows. It also highlighted dramatically, how I operate, how my mind tries to trip me up and how I work through it all. During the process I met with massive self doubt, a massive amount of asking for validation, making people tell me what they thought . I even made a whole garment with completely neat finished edge, using a  twin fucking point needle! Then I was like..ok rewind, what was it that I wanted to make right back at the start of the process. Retrain my mind into reaching for the next best thought.

However the whole shabang helped me to come to a massive realisation! I MAKE ART FOR CLOTHES AND ART TO PUT ON CLOTHES AND WALLS. Its the art, the process of the art, the medititive qualities of art, the therapeutic process of art that makes my pieces so good. I really love painting too, something that I have strayed away from for far too fucking long. So what you will find with my clothing products is that they have raw edges which is a bit like me. My brain does not work laterally, its slightly chaotic and has so many ideas oozing out of it, sometimes its hard to control.  Instead of hiding away from that, I am embracing all that is me and will continue to do so.

I am very excited to complete more painting, then be stitching all over it, adding text, then sewing over it again. However art and making art is not always a pleasant experience. Creative people that make art, like myself, quite often are expressing whats inside themselves, instead of going bat shit loopy doops, crashing low into the realms of non- negotiable subdued states. It supports me throught times when I feel pretty rubbish, lifts me through anxious periods and is a massive means of self expression. So I've decided in this blog to drop my 'Look at me Im so together and......I have made this stuff so easily.....'

It took me most of my AL to get 'EVERYTHING FRIDA' up on my website. I had to ignore my partner and my kids for half of it. Updating Facebook and Insta was a fucking nause and I'm so sick of hashtags, tagging people, uploading stuff. I spend so much time on my phone, sometimes I feel that I have no fucking idea what I am doing. People talk about having a social media strategy- Im like..... whats that FFS??? I have a nervous twitch, of a click, to see who has looked at my posts, who has bothered to comment, whether people are interested if at all. Let alone actually having the time away from my four day a week job to make ALL the shit that I've put up on here. Don't get me wrong I feel totally blessed with my life and I open to receiving all the opportunities that are coming my way, at the same time shit just got real.

Thanks so much to Frida Kahlo, who obviously has passed away, I have become attached to her massively throughout this journey. The life she led was painstaking and brilliant, all at the same time, for me feels relective of my own. She has brought in more colour and light. Viva Frida!