As I said this journey has been with its ups and downs. The next stage that came about was deciding what to make with the images that I had painted and drawn of Frida Kahlo. What style? what to sell/ how would it look? I have been so saddened by the state of the planet recently- all the plastic-I made a massive decision to buy only organic fabrics from now on. I am going to make use of my fabric stash- of which I  have loads, in addition I will be sourcing fabrics from cutting room floor- I've already had bag fulls of gorgeous sequinned, glittery love from Plus Equals. I will also buy already worn or vintage clothing from secondhand retailers, of which I have been looking for more of, in Brighton and Hove.  Its a bit of a rabbit hole once you start thinking about all the items that you have to buy for your business to stay eco-friendly and sustainable, however I will do my best and learn alot along the way, I'm sure.

Ok, so back to Frida....I wanted to design really simple Frida skate tees or a Festival Frida tee dress. I based the design on a t- shirt I already own, which is basically two rectangles. I took the measurements and then had to work out how to make the size right for the width of the GOTS Certified Organic knit ultra fabric, I had found on Spoonflower. This was no simple task, adding borders for seam allowance etc so there was no white fabric. I got there in the end with the help of the tech head of the family. I was happy to find the bricklay option where you could create loads of Frida heads in a row. (Why is there not a Frida Kahlo emoje???) I ordered the fabrics and when they turned up I was so excited when the package arrived. I opened the box to find the ravishing evidence inside. Now I was truly ready to make my art to wear.

So my fabrics had arrived and I was over the moon. They looked truly awesome and delicious. I was truly thrilled to be going to the Frida Kahlo colour walk and visiting the  Making Herself Up Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert organised by my friend Kathy Okeefe 

Now what to wear????

I got to work on designing my Festival Frida tee dress with Frida Red on the front and the bricklay on the back. Believe me I've been all around the houses designing this limited edition piece. I'll tell you  more about it later. the final edition will be unveiled next week.

At Cuppa Joes- a cool cafe and vintage clothing shop in Kemp Town- I had previously bought a Vintage Chinese Silk coat. I used the coat for the base of my La Catrina jacket. Day of the Dead was very much part of Fridas life, facing death often throughout. First I drew the skeleton onto the white silk and freehand machine embroidered over the top and surrounded her with vintage flowers, black and red lace.

I used the rest of the vintage Chinese silk to make a Frida Kahlo bag. There will be more ornate, decorated bags in different styles in my 'Everything Frida'  capsule collection. I had two Frida designs printed onto GOTs certified organic cotton, to use in one off bepoke pieces. Printing these designs in a smaller size enables me to work freely with my fabric stash, making bags and accessories and also to upcycle second hand clothing. I will be uploading Frida Freedom jackets, bags, cushion covers, decorative cushions and scarves to the website this week.

The Frida Kahlo colour walk was full of colour, flowered headresses, long flowing skirts, belts, buckles and  so much fun. It was lovely to catch up with Florent Bidois, Ruthy Mandry and Kathy and Derek O' Keefe all looking beautiful. I met many other lovely Frida fans that day who were all there for the colour walk too.

The 'Making Herself Up' exhibition was so awesome and extremely moving. I dont wanna say too much about it in case you haven't seen it. If you have a ticket you will LOVE it, if you dont have a ticket and know anyone with a card for the V and A, make it your top priority this year especially if your loving the Frida vibes. Below are a few pictures from the day. Thanks so much for Kathy O' Keefe for arranging it all.

It was with an infinite amount of joy that I met my mum on Frida Kahlo's Birthday July the 6th just gone. Guess who has a membership card to the V and A? My freakin' awesome mum.  She loved 'Making Herself Up' as much as I did, as you can see below. Watch this space for the launch of my 'Frida Everything' collection coming this week. There will be Frida, Frenzy Fashion- The Frida Festival Tee Dress, Frida skate tees and Frida, Freedom Jackets and accessories. O my god its too good to be true!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Viva Frida thanks for everything! (see below for the beginning of my Frida Kahlo journey...)