Winter: Sewing Circle Rethread 2017

Well its been a long time since I wrote anything on here. However I feel it will be a seasonal thing. October through to December was a busy period for me. The Sewing Circle Rethread 2017 at The St Pancras Gallery in the hospital, was a major event with some truly brilliant artists. This was a Stitch focussed exhibition with everything from textile art, to fashion pieces and costume jewellery. It was a glorious mass of colour and flowers and eyes and toys and fur and crazy carpets, souls and expression, spread all over the place. The opening night was a big success and feedback from all that came to visit over the three months was extremely positive. 

Peter Herbert and Elaine Harper manage The Arts Project and put on the event, Sue Kreitzman curated alongside them. Big thanks to them all and the volunteers. I would also like to thank all the artists that I met. I have not been introduced to a more welcoming group in a long time. Your work is truly inspiring. Check out Anna Bowman's awesome film, which is all about the artists and sewing and stitch- a powerful healer and a wonderful medium to work in.  


January 2018 I told my sewing story at the Inspiring Talks Brighton. This event is hosted by Sally Garozzo at the Grand Central in the Nightingale Room. I spoke out about the healing power of art and how it has helped me to overcome my mental health issues. I met some other brave articulate people there- Nige Atkinson spoke about breaking the vow of silence for men , Kirsty Norton the power of the breath, Helen Thatcher about hugging and how it makes you feel good, Georgina Tasker- Simm getting in touch with the inner child. Russ Callaghan- Grooms, music and dementia and Ann O'Keife about the joy of laughter and laughter yoga, who were the risky biscuits. It was a heart opening event, with all that spoke about their truth and place in the world. The evening was filmed and my talk is below for you to see.



December was full of the Brighton Artist Open House for Christmas. I showed my stitched fairy dolls for the first time and launched my range of sustainable and ethically sourced gloves and hand warmers. 

summer collection 2017

Here below is a collection of my bespoke embroideries and prints, embellished and regenerated on upcycled and reinvented fashion apparel. I am open to discuss individual bespoke commissions to meet your needs. Contact me here

David’ Reconstructed, upcycled top:  This was one of the first tops I made out of recycled t shirts and white muslin. The image is a print of my original bespoke embroidery called ‘David’ which was commissioned by one of my London customers. ‘David’ is part of a triptych alongside two others ‘Annie’ and ‘Grace.’ (prints all available in my store.) 

Angel in the Wind: This is an original freehand machine embroidery sewn onto silk with cotton and metallic threads and embellished onto a cotton vintage jacket.  This embroidery was part of a series of angels, with inspiration taken from the elements. Most of these pieces were sold as textile art to be hung on the wall. Here I am evoking a sense of movement in my work.

Aztec Amazon: Aztec Amazon was an illustration I created after buying some fine line pens for myself as I really missed drawing. I added watercolours and a border, influenced by the circles in life. I found the jacket in a sale and reconstructed it and added the silver quilted fabric to the shorter arms. I heavily embellished the feathers, which I also drew, sewed them onto the jacket and put the lining back in.

Candy floss fun at Brunswick Festival this Summer: These little denims were passed onto me via friends of mine. I love the one with the diamante studs at the top. I added prints of two of my bespoke embroideries to the backs. ‘Eve was framed’ sold as textile art in a previous London show, 'Psychedelic Berlin' is still available to buy in the textiles section and there are various versions in the drawings/ prints section in my store. Personally she’s one of my favourites.

 ‘Hear No Evil.’ And ‘Geisha 1’: Look at these little beauties rocking the discotheque. ‘Hear no evil’ was obviously inspired by the three monkeys and part of a triptych you can guess the other titles! This chick has headphones on and was inspired by Manga images, 80’s Athena prints and my love for music... loud music. She is also featured on some of my new work coming soon.  ‘See No Evil’ is a beauty.

‘Kali’ Hindu Goddess, destroyer of evil forces. Upcycled jacket and embellished print with lace and big buttons:  I picked up this turquoise cutie in one of my favourite 2nd hand stores-  The British Heart Foundation in Brighton. We donate most of our 2nd handers to this shop on the Western Road. The staff are always dead friendly. This is a print of an original set of Goddess embroideries with a twist. I got really into Goddess cards when I was developing my style. I was looking for the similarities in fashion today and Goddesses of old.

‘Sin City’: This is me in my ‘Sin City’ top which is a print, embellished and sewn onto recycled net blouse.  I added some black muslin to create a similar effect on the sleeves to the ‘David’ upcycled reconstructed top. The original embroidery was bought by Dan owner and chief designer of Irregular Choice and my collection was sold in the Irregular Choice flagship store in Carnaby street, London.