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MY CREATIVE JOURNEY: Hi my name is Cass and I am a textile artist. I create freehand machine embroideries on my machine of goddesses, pop icons and anything else I wish to conjure up.  Mostly I love sewing, working in bright colours and silk, however more recently I have been painting and drawing in my studio at home in Brighton.  My detailed embroideries adorn clothes and walls depending on your choice. I also present motivational speeches on the healing power of art. Commission opportunities are now open for 2019-2020 and I would be delighted to discuss any ideas that you want to bring to life on fabric. Contact me through my website  and follow me on Instagram @Cassandra_Whitfield for all new stories and work. Life is abundant we just need to pay attention to what we focus on. 


SEWING CIRCLE RETHREAD 2017: St Pancras Gallery: An awe inspiring feast of colour and stitch with 23 artists all working in a variety of mediums with a focus on stitch, embroidery, fashion and jewellery.  

Inspiring Talks Brighton:  Healing Power of Art- Motivational speech. 


Brighton Artist Open House No10 Palmeira Square: Seasons Collection.

My Sewing Story: at Sewmance Festival  and Brighton Sewing Bee. 

Suzy Magazine: featured in the 'Favourite Things' section.

'Stitch Up,': stitch show in a vegan friendly one seat hairdressers with surrounding gallery called 'Brush.'