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MY CREATIVE JOURNEY: Hi my name is Cass and I am a textile artist, maker, illustrator, fashion designer and a true sewcialist. I work in many different mediums, mostly I love sewing, painting and drawing, in my studio, at home in Brighton. I use freehand machine embroidery to express myself and put what is in my head onto fabric. I also present talks on my 'sewing story' and the healing power of art. I am always available to work to commission and happy to discuss any ideas that you want to bring to life on fabric. You are welcome to contact me through my website if you wish to do so and follow me on Instagram @Cassandra_Whitfield.


SEWING CIRCLE RETHREAD 2017: St Pancras Gallery: An awe inspiring feast of colour and stitch with 23 artists all working in a variety of mediums with a focus on stitch, embroidery, fashion and jewellery.  

Inspiring Talks Brighton: Spoke out about the Healing Power of Art and how creativity helps me to deal with my anxiety. 

Brighton Artist Open House No10 Palmeira Square: Textile Art based on the seasons capturing female images on canvas using a combination of print and freehand machine embroidery. Images provoking a sense of memories of special moments. My Sewing Story at the latest SewmanceFestival  and Brighton Sewing Bee: spoke out about the healing power of art and links to how art can be supportive to people with mental health issues. Suzy Magazine: featured in the 'favourite things' section. 'Stitch Up,' in a vegan friendly one seat gallery and hairdressers called 'Brush.' 


Workshops: Arts Facilitator for people with Mental health issues. Workshops focussing on self expression- process over content. Artscope, Haringey Council, Cockpit Art studios: arts facilitator for people with Learning Disabilities- felt making, sewing and canvas building. Workshops for people with M.E: mask making considering ideas of identity. British Museum Young Friends, Exhibition Africa: African Mask Making Sessions for the Young friends pulling an over night stay and staying in the museum for 250 kids, over 24 hours. British Museum, Queen Of Sheba Exhibition: Workshops for the Queen of Sheba exhibition for the Young friends of British Museum.

Exhibitions, fashion collections and collaborations : 'Contact': club decor and arts in several nightclubs in Cumbria and played banging tunes. Panakaeia Exhibition: Pimlico Road. Ealing arts trail: Open House Exhibition, London. 'Elements' Exhibition: Group show, Hebden bridge. Spitalfields Market- launched textile work based on natural materials. Brighton Exhibitions: Synergy Gallery, I.O gallery- group and solo shows. Brighton Art Market: Market for up and coming local artists in East Sussex. Brighton Artist Open Houses: Patcham Arts Trail, Polish and Pin- Hove. Irregular Choice: first fashion collection launched in Irregular Choice flagship store Carnaby street London.