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MY CREATIVE JOURNEY: Hi my name is Cass and I am an artist. I love sewing, working in bright colours and silk. Recently I have been painting and drawing again in my studio at home in Brighton.  I create unique, bespoke freehand machine embroideries of Goddesses and Pop Icons. My detailed, awesome, artwork adorns clothes or walls. If you want more Goddess in your life or more Pop in your wardrobe. Use my Contact page to have a chat about artwork that you wish to commission. Come into the Goddess garden or Pop into the pantry so we can make magic happen.

Instagram is @Cassandra_Whitfield for all new stories and work.


LOUDEST WHISPERS 10th Anniversary St Pancras Conference Centre gallery.

‘NO LIMITS’ My Article written for ‘No Limits’ magazine ‘a glorious celebration of life across the generations .’ An AWESOME magazine breaking through the age myths, proving that there is a massive life after 40.

‘COLOUR ME ECSTATIC’ St Pancras Conference Centre gallery: Over 30 artists gathered together under one roof in an explosion of colour. Showing my new work in stitch/paint in layers of collage.

SEWING CIRCLE RETHREAD 2017: St Pancras Gallery: An awe inspiring feast of colour and stitch with 23 artists all working in a variety of mediums with a focus on stitch, embroidery, fashion and jewellery.  

Inspiring Talks Brighton:  Healing Power of Art- Motivational speech. 


Brighton Artist Open House No10 Palmeira Square: Seasons Collection.

My Sewing Story: at Sewmance Festival  and Brighton Sewing Bee. 

Suzy Magazine: featured in the 'Favourite Things' section.

'Stitch Up,': stitch show in a vegan friendly one seat hairdressers with surrounding gallery called 'Brush.'